skywards BH Baits use top quality, fresh ingredients at the right levels and combinations to give a unique profile within our ready-made baits. When it comes to our flavours, these are used at low levels with the emphasis on the added enhancer’s into top quality bulk and liquid ingredients, giving each bait that unique profile.

Susanville All of our baits are designed to be a food source containing proteins, carbohydrates and natural oils that carp need to maintain their energy and healthy being as we believe this is the key factor if you want carp to return to your area/feeding spot for more. We do not stock large quantities of bait and mainly roll it to order to maintain freshness.

synodically We offer shelf-life (stabilized) baits that will last you from 6-8 months, they will be perfectly fine to use after this time but will have to be kept in the freezer.

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