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High-quality carp fishing bait.



We use top quality, fresh ingredients at the right levels and combinations to give a unique profile within our ready-made baits. When it comes to our flavours, these are used at low levels with the emphasis on the added enhancer’s into top quality bulk and liquid ingredients, giving each bait that unique profile.

All of our baits are designed to be a food source containing proteins, carbohydrates and natural oils that carp need to maintain their energy and healthy being as we believe this is the key factor if you want carp to return to your area/feeding spot for more.

We do not stock large quantities of bait and mainly roll it to order to maintain freshness.

We offer shelf-life (stabilized) baits that will last you from 6-8 months, they will be perfectly fine to use after this time but will have to be kept in the freezer.

Freezer baits are rolled to order and will be either delivered frozen or air-dried.

All the Best from BH Team!


    • Name: Audrius
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Kaunas
    • Profession: Pensioner – BH Director
    • Favourite Rig: Klipsas, KD-rig
    • PB carp: more than 20Kg
    • Favourite lake: Raduta lake
    • Favourite bait, flavour: Jungle Berry
    • Name: Marius 
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Druskininkai
    • Profession: Manager/consultant
    • Favourite Rig: I don’t have a favourite rig system. I always a choice of rig for the fishing condition
    • PB carp: More then 26Kg
    • Favourite lake: Wild lake
    • Favourite bait, flavour: I don’t have a favourite bait. 2018 years I started to use Wild Berry boilies for feeding and fishing. Of season beginning I started to use Squid Oil series baits. On the year-end, I caught 26.200Kg “mother”. In this session, I used both baits, Wild Barry and Squid Oil. This beauty seduced 20mm both baits combination. 
    • Name: David
    • A country, City: Suffolk, UK
    • Profession: IT guy
    • Favourite Rig: Heli and Ronnie rigs
    • PB carp: ~10Kg
    • Favourite lake: Kirton hall lake, Suffolk water park
    • Favourite bait, flavour: Squid, Krill, Wild Honey
    • Name: Adomas
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Silute
    • Profession: Manager of Kintai fishing complex
    • Favourite Rig: I don’t have a favourite rig system
    • PB carp: ~20Kg
    • Favourite lake: Carp lake name Kintai
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Peach, BH Jungle berry, BH Secret agent
    • Name: Martynas
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Kaunas
    • Favourite Rig: KD
    • PB carp: 25,5 Kg
    • Favourite lake: Wild lakes
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Tutti
    • Name: Martynas
    • A country, City: UK, ST Albans
    • Favourite Rig: Blow Back
    • PB carp: 27Kg
    • Favourite lake: Wild lakes
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Ocean Fruit, BH Strawberry-WB.
    • Name: Vaidas
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Vilnius
    • Profession: Director
    • Favourite Rig: Blow Back Rig
    • Favourite lake: Wild lakes in Lithuania
    • Favourite bait, flavour: Strawberry-WB & Vaidas special bite
    • Name: Giedrius
    • A country, City: UK, London
    • Favourite Rig: Adapted spinner
    • PB carp: 24Kg
    • Favourite lake: Lake Bled
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Clam
    • Name: Mindaugas
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Kalvarijas
    • Profession: Angler
    • Favourite Rig: D Rig
    • PB carp: 24,430Kg
    • Favourite lake: Wild Lakes
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Mulberry Florentine
    • Name: Vytautas
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Vilnius
    • Profession: Taekwondo coach
    • Favourite Rig: Ronnie Blowback
    • PB carp: 11,5Kg
    • Favourite lake: Only wild ones
    • Favourite bait, flavour: BH Tutti, Strawberry mix
    • Name: Amora
    • A country, City: Lithuania, Klaipeda
    • Profession: Sales manager/consultant
    • Favourite Rig: I don’t have one like my favourite. I choose according to the situation
    • PB carp: 16,5kg mirror
    • Favourite lake: Carp lake Kintai
    • Favourite bait, flavour: Depending on where I fish. Lately tutti essence, axillis and plum have been working the most.