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BOILIES Now available

BH POP-UPS High quality product

BH  pop-ups are made with a superb pop-up mix that will remain buoyant for ages. They are perfect for zig rig fishing, critically balanced rigs including snowman presentation and more subtle pop-up rigs. The 15/16mm version can be used as a wafter with hook size 8, 6 and bigger with a single BB shot.

BH pop-ups have identical flavours and additives to match our range of boilies. BH pop-ups are prepared by blending the pop up a mix with the ingredients used in our boilie base mix which further enhances the attractiveness and the pulling power of the bait.

POP-UPS sizes 15/16 mm

BH DIPS High attraction bait dips

Our bait dips are put together for a multitude of uses and originally created to mimic our boilie and pop up the range of flavours. We have added a few secret ingredients and sweeteners to increase and retain flavour for longer. There are various ways to use them including:

Dipping your hook baits for a few minutes will give a strong attraction to the area being fished.

It works well on silty and weedy waters as it keeps its own flavour for longer and doesn’t absorb the smell of the silt and weed as quick as un-dipped baits.

Our dips are PVA friendly so whole bags and mesh can be dipped to increase attraction.
Our bait dip can be used as a bait hardener for them longer sessions or to resist the nuisance fish including crayfish. The longer boilies are dipped the harder they will be.

It can also be added to particle and spod mixes before boiling at 20-30ml/kg.

Packaging: 75ml


LIQUIDS High quality liquids


Our ultra fine sweet creamy mix is simply irresistible to carp. It contains fine mixtures of highest quality powders, seeds, and grinded nuts, betaine and milk proteins. Together they produce a combined profile of food signals which drives fish into feeding mode. It is highly digestible and it will start to give out food signals as soon as it hits the water.

It can be simply mixed with water but also works well with a small inclusion of our special BH enzyme extract liquid and BH carp Treasure liquid.

F1 Creamy works well as a stick mix with a small inclusion of our pellets and BH enzyme extract liquid. Our enzymatic liquids are PVA friendly and stimulate the carp’s digestion so they get in to the feeding mode quicker.

F1 Creamy can also be added to the particle mixes when creating spod mixes for zig rig fishing or when fishing pop ups and critically balanced baits over the top of a baited area.

Recommended to use during: All Year Round
Packaging: 2.5kg